*Free CV checks Monday 5 December *

If you want your cv looked at or if you have any questions about our 
organization feel free to drop by!

*When*: Monday 7 November and every first Monday of the month, from 
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

*Where: *Career Office's glass house**at**the Duisenberg Plaza

*By:*Integrand in cooperation with Career Office

If you would like some advice or tips on your CV or if you have some 
questions about our organization come see us Monday at Duisenberg Plaza

Elise Kamphuis&   Lykke Hendriks
University of Groningen
Faculty of Economics&   Business
Career Office
Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE  Groningen
Postbus 800
9700 AV Groningen
The Netherlands
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For final-year projects, an internship contract must be signed by all parties (the organization, the Career Office and the student). The Faculty of Economics and Business has drafted a standard contract which can be downloaded in Dutch or in English. For more information go to http://www.rug.nl/feb/careeroffice/docs/documents.