May 8 until July 10, 2007 (every Tuesday)




A course for (PhD-)students, postdocs and other university members, to get acquainted with Entrepreneurship and Business plans.



è        Thinking of getting into entrepreneurship?

è        Anxious to get to know the –  substantial (!) – differences between

university setting and industry?

è        Show your serious motivation, and enrol immediately.




Overall aim: The overall aim of the course is to train professionals to obtain the knowledge and skills enabling them to commercialise scientific ideas or techniques.

Primary endpoint: The primary endpoint of the program is to equip participants with skills to evaluate possibilities for product development and to decide for commercialisation.



The programme consists of 8 one-day modules with a monthly frequency. The guiding principle of the programme is that participants acquire knowledge and skills through functioning as a member of a multi-disciplinary team. Every module is structured in a way that general knowledge on the topic is gained through team work and homework assignments.


The initial 3 modules are meant to introduce participants to the programme and to train fundamental skills (e.g. communication, problem solving, basic economics, value of money, management styles, decision process, outline of a business plan).

In the remaining 5 modules the team acquires skills by generating a business plan using an actual idea or technique of one of the participants. Separate modules deal with specific parts of the business plan, e.g. patents, marketing, pharmaceutical information and finances.


The teams are supported by professionals, both from university setting, the world of commerce and banking.


Language: English.



From May 8 until July 10, 2007, every Tuesday.



Dr. M.H.J. Ruiters, Synvolux; [log in to unmask]

H.M.M. Banus, GUIDE office, [log in to unmask]


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